Project Description


Redesign work in the Guadarrama Park

The aim of the project was to adapt the area to the use demanded, through a precise rearrangement of spaces which, while not changing its use, adapts the surface area and makes it safer.

In the children’s area, the different play areas were put together, creating a specific enclosure with a single access door. The greatest innovation is represented by the installation of a large fountain, made of concrete and granite, in the parterre that connects the routes from the main entrance on Calle Alfonso Serna to Calle de la Iglesia.

These works included the following chapters: clearing, demolition, earthworks, paving, lighting, signposting and miscellaneous.

It should also be noted that the project did not affect the existing trees, mainly plane trees, prune trees and cedars, to which other species were added. In the neighbouring streets, the pavements were changed to natural granite stone, and the area in front of the church was redesigned to create an area for parking parallel to the roadside.



Guadarrama (Madrid)




Guadarrama Town Council